Thursday, 23 May 2013

Alopecia-strict autoimmune Paleo- my history

Hi everybody,
My name is Hairless Mary, hairless because I have suffered from alopecia universalis/totalis since I was 18. I am now 34 and have been completely bald for the last 16 years.

I have experimented with the Paleo Diet in the past and have had some success with it, regrowing some hair on my head on two occasions when I was following the strict autoimmune Paleo protocol. Sadly I fell off the wagon and the hair that had regrown fell out again.

So here I am back on the autoimmune Paleo protocol for the past six weeks and am already seeing some regrowth. Yay exciting. I am going to use this blog to post pictures of my progress and to blog about my experiences on the Paleo diet. I will post more about my history in later posts, diets, potions and pills that I have tried throughout the years.

Below you can see my progress so far                   

Before commencing Paleo
Four weeks in 

Five and half weeks in


  1. Hi! You still on the wagon? Curious how it is going for you. Battling AA myself for the past 15 years. 35 years old now and on AIP for about 45 days. Seeing some fuzzies. Very excited. Looking for others who have tried Paleo or AIP due to Alopecia and their results - bad or good.
    Hope your result is fantastic! :-) Thanks - Mary Anne

  2. Hi Mary. I have just come across your blog whilst searching in hope that there may be someone like me reporting regrowth with AIP. I am 34 and have had totalis loss since I was 7. I have been on the AIP for a month and seen a little regrowth. Very impressed with the progress you made on the AIP. Did you persist with it? Its very hard and feels almost the most impossible thing I could do - trying to grow my hair back. Your picture are really an inspiration. Would love to hear from you.